Our Current Projects

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WELL PROJECT Study shows that Haiti has contaminated water that caused many people to have: Diarrhea, vibrio co, Salmonella, Hepatitis... The nearest "WELL" from OVI is about 5 miles away. OVI will provide well for safe and clean water for the areas around. The cost is US $4,500 WE HAVE COLLECTED: US $0.00 WE NEED: US $4,500 Please consider partnering with OVI by donating to our Fresh Water Well Project. HOME CONSTRUCTION PROJECT: New home is greatly needed for our orphans in Port-De-Paix. We have the land but no financial means to build the home. The orphanage is designed by a professional architect and engineer from USA. The cost to fund this project is US $189,000 Help us raise the Fund to build a home for our children in Northwest Haiti HOME PROJECT COST: US $189,000 WE HAVE COLLECTED: US $0.00 WE NEED US $189,000 SCHOOL We provide free education but teachers need to be paid Free school supplies Uniforms at no cost Any amount given will play a part in their lives.
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