About Us

The organization was started in the year 2010 with the aim of helping orphans and abandoned children of Haiti. We are located in Port-de-Paix, in the Northwestern part of Haiti.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help to make orphans and abandoned children step up and become a part of society. To give these children better living conditions and a good environment to live is our aim. We are currently providing these children with: Food and clothing, daily Shelter (ongoing) Christian-based activities Currently the school is being paid to enroll these children, it is another one of our goal to rent or buy it in the future. We require all the help we can get to achieve our latest goal and to improve our present situation.

Current Situation

Currently there are fifteen kids in our camp and we are looking to increase the number. We can only do so with some help from you. We have provided the children with a high level of Christian guidance, teaching them the value of their lives and the blessings God has given them. The word of God is shared with the children, teaching them to pray to God thanking him for whatever has been given to us.

Our Program

The program started in the year 2010. It envisions covering expenses such as food, medical and education of the orphaned children in Haiti. We are seeking to increase educational opportunities leading to the rise of the economic and social status of Haitian people. You can help us by donating to our program via PayPal. Sponsor a Child Our 'Sponsor a Child' program allows you to donate for a particular child's complete needs. It is like you are adopting a child and putting him/her in our care. You pay for his/her food, education and medical care and we take care of the rest. Your help is needed to get the mission running at a better pace and generate more positive results. Help this noble cause by donating as much as you can. Any sort of help will be appreciated. Food Supply One of the main priorities of our program is the health of the kids. We give them healthy meals two times a day. With your help we can carry out our mission more easily. A healthy meal keeps a healthy mind and a healthy mind helps your brain and body work faster, producing better results. Medical Care Due to the natural disasters that occurred in the past couple of years, Haiti has been infected with a lot of viruses. We provide funds to give the kids proper vaccination and medication, to keep them away from all sorts of health problems. We are also helping handicapped children with all the resources we have. A helping hand is really required, please donate out of the goodness of your heart. Education We send these kids to a local school, where a high level of Christian education is provided to these kids. The children are made aware of the word of God. Every week three pray meetings are held. To help more kids seek the light help is needed. Help us make room for more children. Help make the world a brighter place for these orphaned kids by sending us donations.
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