Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the organization doing? A. We are providing the orphans and abandoned children of Haiti with clothes, food, medical facilities and education. Q. What type of medical services do you cover? A. Vaccinations, medicines and medical instruments such as wheel chairs and crutches are available to us. We provide funds for the kids to get themselves diagnose by health specialists. Q. How qualified are the medical officers? A. The medical staff consists of a team of qualified physicians. Q. How can I send you items? A. You can collect the things you want to give us, put in a box and send it to our address. Q. How can I send you a cash donation if I don’t have PayPal? A. You can send us a pay order or a bank draft payable to our organization. Q. Is my donation tax deductible? A. Yes. All donations are tax deductible. Q. How can I support the building of your shelter? A. Firstly you can donate in the form of cash. Other wise you can buy us bed sheets or material for the construction. We also require tables and chairs for the dining room. You can also contribute by sending fans. Q. Who are your partners? A. We are partners with the “orphans vision international’. We do not have any other partner or a third party link. Q. How much do your partners take from the donated amount? A. All of the donated money is given to the children, each and every penny of it. Q. Can I volunteer? A. Yes you are more than welcome to help. If you can reach Haiti you can contact us anytime. Send us your details and specializations so that we can fit you properly. Q. I am an American, do I need a passport to travel to Haiti? A. Yes, a passport is needed. Q. How can I help in schooling? A. You can help us by sending money to get a child enrolled in the school. Q. Can I teach at the school? A. We do not own the school, but if you have sufficient knowledge about the bible then most probably you will be allowed to teach. Q. Other than donating, is there any other way I can help you cause? A. Yes you can. Help spread our name and our mission. Try to create awareness of our program on the internet or the newspapers.
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