Orphans Vision International is an orphanage in Haiti caring for vulnerable children. We run a Christian Home and care for all children regardless of their, religion or background. The home was initiated by a group of like-minded people who are committed to caring for children. We ensure that the children have comfortable living area's, food, clean water, as well as a loving a supporting family environment that we believe every child is entitled to.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help to make orphans and abandoned children step up and become a part of society. To give these children better living conditions and a good environment to live is our aim. Fulfill their daily needs such as food and clothing is one of the things we do. The next step towards the success of the mission is providing these kids a shelter and the work is in progress. We require all the help we can get to achieve our latest goal and to improve the present situation. We believe that every child, regardless of their race, religion or ethnic background is entitled to: A safe place to live Safe food and water


Dr. Esnel and Sagenie had a dream long time ago to help the abandoned and orphaned children of Haiti. During a visit to Haiti they felt a need to step up and do something about this problem. In the year 2010 they took the responsibility of providing children with money for food, education and medical care. They started of with nine children now they have fifteen and are working hard to increase that number.
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